Maximum Happiness Course Content of Sessions

Maximum Happiness Course Content of Sessions

Maximum Happiness Course Content of Sessions

Maximum Happiness – Course & Book Series

Why is it that some people seem to enjoy more happiness, success and fulfilment than others?

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Part 1 “HOW DID I GET HERE?” details how we arrived at our present state of happiness and fulfilment. Exploring the influences, conditioning and programming that brought you to where you are today. You are today the sum of the thoughts you have had, the decisions and actions arising from those thoughts, and the results you have experienced good and bad, happy and sad. You may be dissatisfied or deliriously happy where you are, but as you are reading these words, it's likely you’re seeking greater happiness and fulfilment


1. What is Happiness? – Happiness is the primary goal of all human beings, but how can we hope to uncover it if we haven’t defined what happiness means to each of us? In this opening chapter we explore what happiness means, different levels of happiness and a universal meaning of happiness.

2. STEPS TO HAPPINESS - Ten key areas where you can dramatically improve the levels of your happiness, how to create happiness in one step, where to look for happiness, choosing happiness, what happiness is and what obstructs it.

3. THE REAL YOU - Discovering the authentic you that makes you most happy, reclaiming your authentic self, avoiding the negative influence of others, concluding with your authenticity self-analysis.

4. Human Needs - In this chapter we learn about the basic human needs we all must satisfy to allow true happiness to return to our lives. We will explore the key roles you occupy within the main areas of your life that combine to influence your levels of happiness. Discover how to assess your overall level of happiness in roles and areas of your life, pinpointing specific areas to change that will bring you increased happiness.

5. How Did I Get Here? - Learn about the eight stages of human development and how your childhood conditioning and emotional programming could be affecting your happiness. We will identify the influential events, choices and people in your life up to this point, that had a positive or negative effect on your happiness now.

6. Your Belief Systems - Discover how the beliefs that reside in your mind dramatically improve or impair your experience of happiness. We will learn how to improve our belief systems and how to eliminate self-limiting, destructive and negative beliefs.

7. Your Core Values - What are your values and why are they so important to your happiness? Identify the core values of importance to you and where they come from.

8. Know Thyself - Understand the role played by your self-concept and self-esteem in your search for inner happiness. Learn how to recover from low self-esteem and create techniques for building higher self-esteem. Assess your level of self-esteem to identify where you can make adjustments.

9. PERCEPTION & THOUGHTS - Introducing the perception cycle, a powerful tool to improve the quality of your beliefs and thoughts to increase the levels of happiness you enjoy. Discover the power behind your thoughts and how they attract positive and negative circumstances and peoplethat affect your happiness.

10. Feelings & Emotions - Understand how your feelings and emotions colour the thoughts you have, affect the decisions you make and the outcomes you achieve. Discover how to use your emotions to generate energy and improve the quality and quantity of happiness you attract.

Part 2 “POWER TO HAPPINESS” reveals the powers that you have within your grasp to ‘bridge the gap’ between where you are now in life and where, ideally you want to be. Here is where we will bring it all together for you, joining the dots, looking back on how you got to the place you are now, and helping you identify and fill those gaps, moving you closer to your ideal place of fulfilment, well-being and happiness.

11. THE POWER OF YOUR BRAIN - Understand, in simple terms how your wonderful brain is constructed and can be made to work for you, how your every thought leaves an impression and how changing your thoughts will change your experiences of happiness. Discover what parts of the brain have an impact on your emotional state of happiness.

12. THE POWER OF YOUR MIND – Your brain is the hardware, your mind is the software. How to interpret the instruction manual of your mind and unleash your phenomenal power to change your circumstances through an understanding of your levels of consciousness. How thoughts are transferred and attracted and their related influence on the happiness you experience in life.

13. THE POWER OF ENERGY - Realising the importance of the role that energy plays in attracting more happiness into your life. Through examples you will learn how thought energy is scientifically recognised throughout the modern world as a powerful means of attracting more of the happiness you want.

14. THE POWER OF AWARENESS - By developing self-awareness of your thoughts, beliefs and actions, you will be able to identify the changes you need to make to attract and reveal more happiness. This chapter will help you explore and increase your self-awareness that will lead to self-acceptance.

15. THE POWER OF ACCEPTANCE - Discover how acceptance and in particular, self-acceptance, can transform your life and directly improve your experience of happiness in life. Learn how to increase your acceptance, the greater your acceptance the happier you will become. Acceptance leads naturally into the immensely powerful trait of appreciation.

16. THE POWER OF APPRECIATION - Focused attention on your powerful energy of appreciation, of self, others and the world around you, will take you to new levels of happiness beyond your current experience.

17. THE POWER OF ATTRACTION - Armed with the immense combined power of the chapters up to this point , you are now ready to understand the greatest life changer of them all, the power of attraction. Learn how to attract more states of happiness and repel states that have led to all of your unhappiness.

18. THE POWER OF GOALS - Harness the combined powers to focus in on what you really want to be, have and do in your life, with the incredible power of goal setting. Release your fears and set goals to turn your dreams of happiness into reality.

19. THE POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS - Your relationships with other people undoubtedly contribute the majority of happiness or unhappiness you will experience in life. Understand the vital role of healthy personalities, combining the knowledge of the forgoing chapters to create wonderful, healthy relationships that will contribute immensely to your growth and happiness.

20. THE POWER OF LOVE - If the first nineteen chapters contain the building blocks of happiness, learn how love, the greatest power of all is the cement that holds them all together. The phenomenal healing power of love is the strongest and most intense power of them all.


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