Every author wants to sell more books and reach more readers.

But which is more popular in this information age, the electronc book read on your kindle type device or the trusty paperback?

Reading an article published by the Alliance of Independent Authors, I was fascinated with the results. Whilst all the author guidance pushes writers to self publish, the article contained many interesting facts about reader habits and inclinations, useful when thinking about what readers want from writers.

Though ebooks and audiobooks are increasingly popular, print books continue to trump in the researched book market, with 66% of readers across the globe saying print offers “a more fulfilling and unique reading experience”.

When looking at the various genres and sales volumes, fiction, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi topped the list, across the globe.

• Romance continues to dominate and is still the most profitable fiction genre worldwide.

• Crime/ Mystery comes in second place, with religious and Inspirational titles leading the way in most popular non-fiction.

• The adaptation of books into blockbuster TV series and movies is growing and having an influence on the book market

• The most considerable increase, by far, was in the genre of graphic novels, sales of which rose by a staggering 146%.

Europeans are the world’s biggest bookworms and spend at least one hour each day reading. Most households in the European Union spend more on books, newspapers and stationery than they do on package holidays.

What Readers Want : Conclusion

Each person who reads a book does so with a purpose: to get something out of it. That something might be information, inspiration or entertainment. The best books deliver all three and as writers, we need to know which of these is central, so we can get our books descriptions and metadata right.

Readers across the world continue to want the inspiration, education and entertainment that only a book can provide. Despite world challenges, books have proven their staying power and continue to hold their special place in the minds and hearts of both young and old, across the world.

I would be keen to hear your thoughts.

Happy reading.

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