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You can be sure that my written works are entirely original. 

Browse through my thriller fiction novel collection, let yourself be immersed in the thrills and spills , ecstasy and heartbreak of the characters and their exploits. 

Maybe it's factual non-fiction that floats your boat. If so, and you wonder why it is that some people enjoy more happiness, success and fulfilment than others, the Maximum Happiness course may be just what you're looking for.  

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Save yourself the twenty years of research I gave to the subject of personal fulfilment. I've distilled the best answers to the key questions you might ask in the one-stop-shop of the Maximum Happiness Course.

I welcome messages, questions and ideas for my projects. Feel free to get in touch, no hard selling from me I can promise you. 

All writers have room to grow, and new authors are no exception. Absorbing your feedback ensures we writers can keep giving you the reader, what you want. 

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